03 May 2014

Ode to Sleep

(4 photos: click to the right)
I'm not going to write an ode, though. I found out in highschool that poetic writing really isn't my thing. The only time my English teacher really liked one of my poems was because it was comparing men to horses and it made men look really strong and perfect. My teacher was quite sexists (mostly in a joking way), so the poem pleased him so much that he made me read it out loud in front of the class. As I recall, it resulted in a lot of "Awww!"'s from the girls in the class. :P Yeah. So that poem was a big mistake. Lol. And so are the rest of the lyrical pieces I try to write -- in a different way.
But I like the word "ode" because it just seems to give a lot of reverence to whatever the subject is. And in this case: sleep! Yes, I love sleep :)

This is a 4 picture series that I took one time while I was actually going to bed and I saw my camera laying beside me. :) I am a really big lover of textiles/texture/organic fabric. It somehow seems to make the whole sleep experience 10xs better :P Oh, and the cat, too! It makes me happy when he decides to curl up next to us, but he hardly every stays :/ So it means a trip downstairs to put him outside at 3am or whenever he decides he wants out :P



  1. I like your room/sleeping arrangement.... And, I want to read that poem. From how it sounds, I could totally see Mr. Page liking it!! Lol

    1. Lol! yeah, well I'm pretty sure I already threw that one away :P