15 May 2014


Yeah, you want to talk about mornings? My word, I was a complete zombie this morning... thank goodness I have a little bit of a drive to work to wake me up. :P Nah, actually I really like that I have to wake up in the wee hours of the morning (before 6) every day.  And I really do like mornings... it's just that I love being awake at night a little more ;) But since my job makes me go to bed a little earlier, I can wake up and enjoy some time by my open window. I love hearing the birds... there are oh-so-many birds making such a joyful "ruckus" in the tree outside of my window.

(and if you want to see how I got this shot...? check it out on >> instagram << )

btw... I have like NO time to blog at all right now because I'm working full-time hours with my new job during these first few weeks, but I should be on a part-time schedule later so I will still have time for photography. I have to just hang in there for a few weeks until I re-define what is normal.


  1. I knew when I saw the photo that that must have been the crazy tripod on the ceiling (or whatever you did) picture. The perspective is REALLY cool though. The colors are so pretty, too.

  2. That's such an arty picture. I really like it - then I saw the instagram - I think my husband would think I'd officially lost it if I tried to suspend my camera like that from the ceiling - either that or he'd be worried that I break it - I'm a bit of a klutz and it seems to have stepped up a gear while being pregnant.

    1. Thank you :)
      Haha, yeah I tend to be just a little risky with the things I do with my camera... that's why I don't tell anybody about my "great ideas" until they actually turn out. ;) Lol