19 May 2014

On the Road Again

I was so happy that we got my car running just in time for my first week on the job, but we had a few mishaps after that and I couldn't drive it on Tuesday. :/ Wednesday it was fine again. Thursday, though... D: I was on my way to work and it wouldn't go in to gear at the stoplight after it had turned green. I'm sure the people behind me were soooo proud of me for making them miss the green light! I was finally able to get it into gear by the time it was red again, and I barely made it to work. It was a miracle that the car even went into gear that morning though! Because when we found the problem... it was a wire that had completely broke loose. So I wonder how it even made the connection for me to get it in gear and make it to work. So thankful! 
But now I'm back on the road with my little old classic.
I tend to take a lot of pictures of my car while I'm driving because I just love what I see...
I also really like the way the light from the speedometer falls over the interior when I'm driving at night... maybe I'll try to get a photo of that next. :)

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