02 May 2014

Lil' Monster

There's this little guy that my great-aunt has been fostering, and boy! do I love him dearly! He's quite the mess, though! Actually, the words that always come to my mind to describe him is "little monster". And that was exactly what he was doing here. It was right before a little children's bible night we had at church. He was running through the grass, and he would swoop down and run his hands through the dandelions just to destroy them and to make the seeds fly everywhere around him. It was so cute to watch him :) I love watching children play in their own little carefree world of innocence. I wouldn't wish to go back to being a child like that, though, because as I recall, I never thought to myself as a child: "Man! My life is so carefree! I just love it!" No, children never think that because they don't have any trouble to compare it to. So there's no need to wish to be back in those days, because we have the best perspective on it right now... as grown-ups looking on the life of little children we can see the true beauty of their life. :) I hope that wasn't confusing :P I tend to have very complicated emotions and thoughts :P


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