20 May 2014

Evening Walks

When I blogged yesterday, I almost apologized and admonished myself for taking pictures with my cell phone... because it's not a nice camera at all. And I have a 7D sitting at home?? So hopefully this will be the last post with cell phone pics for this summer. 
I took a little adventure with the dog yesterday after I blogged and still didn't take my camera. Shame. on. me. And I was regretting it the whole time because I knew that I could actually get the picture I wanted with it.

Today on my lunch break at the park I actually took my camera. See, I'm learning! ;) Or re-learning!

 Even my cousins have been getting on to me for not bringing my camera places. Also, I have wedding pictures to edit, but for some reason I really don't want to even touch them. o.O And editing has always been my favorite part. It might just be the busyness/excitement of the new job. But whatever it is... I mean to kick it this week! And let my creative juices start flowing some more. :)



  1. Yeah you need to take your camera with you! :) The only bad part about it is that your camera is heavy... I would understand if you didn't take it everywhere. But, I still like seeing your photos. :)

    1. Yeah, I'm working on it! I have it packed to take with me tomorrow ;)