06 May 2014

Leading Lines

Well, well! I really want to blog two sessions, but I guess it will just have to wait. I've got a lot going on this week and I've already promised to help my mom do a little spring cleaning this as well (you know how that goes...)
But I have time to share my last little photography assignment of the semester. And it happens to be a picture of my favorite little girl from her birthday party Saturday evening. The assignment was leading lines... I'm not sure if I was really supposed to have several leading lines or if one leading line will qualify...? But it's what I got.

P.s. I've noticed while I was writing out this blog post that I had to backspace over like 20 sets of these little things "..." that I had typed out! :P Apparently... <<< those little guys have always been my favorite additions to writing. They just seem to make it "flow". :P Honestly, the only reason I try to limit them is because I'm thinking, "My AP English teacher would probably cringe if he saw this nonsense!" Ha!

C-ya! ;)  <<< Jared Polin slang right there! ;)