10 May 2014

Mommy and Daughter Session

Ah! Okay, so I finally got around to blogging this little family right before Mother's Day. How fitting!
Yes, I apologize that I have not blogged them any sooner. Once I get past the point of "Oh my word, I love this session so much!!!" Then I kind of lose my enthusiasm to blog them, but I forget that everyone else still hasn't seen them, even though I've been forced to move on to other sessions.

Sometimes the hardest thing about sessions is to try to find somewhere unique that all the locals won't recognize. I guess it doesn't have to be that way, but that is my personal preference. But when we got down in this area of Big Springs where the spring actually starts, I was so happy that there was nice lighting down there and I've never really seen people take many photos of it. Either that, or I haven't had my eyes open enough to see all of them ;)

Before the session I asked Sacha if Ava gave many kisses. Sacha was kind of like, "Eh, sometimes..." I guess that day was one of those "sometimes" because she would keep on giving her mommy kisses :) So cute :)

Somehow I am really in love with that photo above. Maybe because it was just so natural, because Ava kept getting sidetracked by the water and she wanted to look over there :) She kept saying things like "rainbow!" and "water!" and "ducks!" And it was just too cute! :D

And btw, when I put the little pez dispenser on top of my camera, it actually worked :) And she loved getting candy out of it :)



  1. I love the idea of a mother/daughter shoot! These are so beautiful! And the pez dispenser idea - genius. =)

  2. aww! awesome portraits/poses. And setting!

  3. Soooo pretty! They're all so good!! :)

  4. LOVELY photos!! the lighting, poses and everything are so great!
    My favorites are the one of them kissing under the tree, and the last on of the little girl, the edit on that one is great! :)