09 March 2014

Buried in a Book

Buried in a Book, a photo by MarLeah Joy on Flickr. Click on the image to view in high resolution!
You know... I'm really just getting to a good part in the book, and I think I just want to go read some more right now.
So bye, and thanks for reminding me ;)

Nah, really, I'll stay and share my thoughts a bit. This was on the way up to Mansfield, Mo with my mom and her friend. I spontaneously just decided to go with them, not because I was interested in the heirloom seeds they would be buying, but because I love just a little bit time when you are forced to do nothing while you are traveling.
When I was trapped in high school and overloaded with homework, I would just get this longing to get in the car and take a road trip. Simply because the thought of guiltlessly doing nothing sounded great!
Even though my life is a little more relaxed now, I still love being in the car. But even better... listening to some music and reading a book and being in the car.


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