04 March 2014

Cozy Home

Cozy Home, a photo by MarLeah Joy on Flickr. Click on the image to view in high resolution!
In our photography club a guest speaker, Tim Wemple, came to show us some great tips on editing (because he is the editing King... at least of the Joplin area, Haha!).
He told us that you have to understand WHY you are editing a picture before you can effectively edit.
And essentially, you should be editing an image to draw attention to the SINGLE subject of an image.
He said that so many times we will just take snapshots that bring back personal memories. But if you are going to share images with others, you need to make sure that the subject is obvious and that evokes emotion, etc. to others. Then he gave pointers on how to edit an image that really doesn't have much of a subject, by simply picking a subject and bringing it to life by adding contrast (and not necessarily contrast between light and dark).
Basically, the subject should have contrasting luminance, color, and sharpening when compared to other elements of the image.

When I took the picture, the swirling water was the subject I had in mind for the photo, but when I looked at the image on the computer it was clear that the swirling water didn't really have enough clarity or interest. So I decided that the house should be the new subject.
So I tried to apply the "contrast" techniques to the house...
This is my first edit with his tips in mind, so it might be a little over-done, but here is the comparison of before and after.


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