27 March 2014

Jennifer's First Birthday

It's been a little less than a year since I wrote a blog post about Baby Jennifer - my first time meeting her, a few weeks after her birth. 
And now, the sweet little girl is one year old and brings so much joy to her family!

I was going to take one year pictures of Jennifer until the weather cancelled our plans of going to Kansas City, so I got to take pictures of her birthday party -- equally as fun!! :)

Of course, little Nathan did the honors of blowing out the candle for her :)

She wasn't the type to really dig into the cake, but she humored us for quite a while by kind of playing with it. At this point we could all tell she was done, though ;)

It was quite chaotic to try to get all of them together... but at least one shot of them all looking in the general direction is worth it :)



  1. Aww.. Jennifer!! Love that little gal. :) I love her little pink hairbow. And I love the cake photos. You can tell at first, she's like, "uhhhh... " ;)

    1. Yeah, she was definitely not too enthused about the whole process :P

  2. these are awesome! birthday parties are so much fun! :) great detail shots!