28 March 2014

Passing By

Ranelle and I went chasing after the lightning last night and had several adventures along the way (which always happens any time I take some kind of shot at night - I guess it just goes along with the nature of being out when it's dark).
There were clouds covering most of the lightning from where we lived so we knew we needed to get closer to it so we could have more of a clear sky. As we travelled along some country roads we just followed whatever road we thought would get us closer... until we turned down a dirt road that suddenly got really narrow and was lined by close trees. Somehow, we felt funny as we drove past the first house. Only to soon realize that the road abruptly ended at a really dark, unkept house. :/ Ack! Ranelle threw it into reverse and did some fast backing out of that road!! 
Then we took a Hwy neither of us had ever been on and it landed us on the interstate, so we took it because the lightning looked a little more promising out there.
We were looking for places without any interference from other lights, but I decided that I could maybe just try to get lightning and light trails from passing cars. I took this image and as I was starting to take another (in hopes that some lightning might finally show up really clear), but Ranelle told me to jump back in the car because a car on the opposite side of the interstate stopped exactly in line with us. The only lights we had on were our back brake lights... so we weren't sure if they even knew we were there, but it was just a little creepy to have both of us sitting on the side of the road at night and so close to each other. :P


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