25 March 2014

Top Dog

We've been studying studio lighting in photography class, and last week our instructor told us to bring in something we wanted to shoot...
Well, of course, I left the task of figuring out what I wanted to bring in until last night.
And then I was supposed to get it all together this morning.
Let's just say that nothing fell together this morning. I wanted to use a little lego person and have them holding up a fresh flower... After I finally found our legos, I dumped the whole bucket out on the floor (which is still at home waiting to be cleaned up). We only had two little lego men and they were both incomplete. One was missing an arm and the other was missing legs. And they were apparently a different type because the legs of one didn't work on the leg-less man. :P Lucky me!
I also tried making a little wire person who would hold the flower... also a fail!
I saw our game of Clue... "Ah, the little people staged on the board with the knife and stuff will be cool." But I looked inside and our game just uses little pawns instead of the people figurines. Bummer!

I knew that it was time to leave, but when I finally looked at the time and I was supposed to leave 10 minutes ago to be on time to class. Great!  
In desperation I snatched some Monopoly game pieces off of a shelf, stuffed them in my pocket, and then I got the whole board game and ran out the door so fast that my dad had to chase me outside to ask when I would be home. :P

On the way to class, though, I still didn't know what I wanted to really shoot. I thought about using the dog game piece, somehow portray that it was the winner and title the picture "Top Dog". But I looked at the game pieces I had and I only had the ship, boat, hat, and canon. :/ Really!?
So for 25min, my mind was going wild on how I could create something with meaning.

When I arrived to class, I had an idea of something I could do with the ship. But when I was setting up the game I saw that there were game pieces in there. *Duh!* And I found the little doggie :) So I was able to go with my first plan.

That's not even the half of the things that have went backwards today... but really none of it has bothered me, it's still a good day!! :)

Why am I soooo wordy sometimes, and then on other blog posts I have like nothing to say?? Ha!


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