12 March 2014

Spring Star Trail

It's finally warm enough outside that I can go out at night to take a star trail and not freeze up.
So with my new timer remote, I set up my camera in our yard Monday night/Tuesday morning. The remote will take 399 pictures until you have to restart it. 
So after doing all the math I figured out that with my 9 second shutter speed, I could go back inside and sleep for an hour before I had to go back out and restart it.

I was bairly asleep though, before I had to go back outside to reset it.
When I fell back asleep the second time I ended up sleeping through my alarm so I didn't get outside to retrieve my camera until like 5am. I was kind of uncomfortable with leaving my camera outside by itself, but it's a good thing we have a dog that would bite someone's head off if they tried to come onto our property and steal my camera. ;)

I guess the reason I keep doing star trails is because I hope that where ever I travel I will be able to do some with some different landscapes/foreground. Right now there isn't really much of interest to place in the foreground around here on our property, but maybe if I just keep perfecting the technique I can try it out somewhere else... one day, way off in the future.

I also made a timelapse video out of the images... but goodness, the only reason I'm posting it is because I spent time on it. I'm not terribly proud of it.
The movement is pretty slow :/ Also, it is so much darker on youtube than it was when I was making it and playing it on my Mac. So I just used the youtube editor to add in some exposure (and as of right now it is still processing those changes).


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