29 March 2014

Exploring the Night

Once again, I was trying/hoping to capture lightning... and got this ;)
And of course this one has a story, too. :P
When we left the spot that I took the last picture at, we pulled over here and I had taken two pictures already and I was taking this one when a car literally creeped by us on the interstate. Then Ranelle started hollering at me from inside the car that "that was a cop". So I stopped the shutter at somewhere around 40 seconds and hopped in the car again. She said we better move on because she would hate to try to explain to him what we were doing. :P Alas, so we went home. I guess the lightning was too far South by then for us to continue to chase it, anyway. 
On our way home we were both just kinda like "Humph! This part of the trip isn't half as exciting as it was chasing the storm and turning down any road that would get us closer to the action." :P
The whole night was still fun though, but I just can't wait until I can actually look at the back of my camera and see lightning!! Ahh!



  1. I'm sure there will be plenty of storms in the next couple of months though! With tornado season and all lol =P

    1. Haha! I hope! Well... not that I'm wishing tornados on anyone or anything :P

    2. Yeah rain would be just fine :)