27 March 2014

If at first you don't succeed, try agian

I got a voice message one day from my cousin's wife asking me to do something for her, that was really for her husband. I was like, "Okkkaayyyy....???" (Yeah, I don't deal very well with the unknowns) When I called her back, she was wanting me to make a business card for him. I am farrrr from a graphic designer, but if someone believes I can do it, then I tend to believe for myself that I am fully capable.
When I thought I was done with the business card, I shared on Google+ the transformation from the original picture to the business card.

After the cards were ordered they wanted some new information added, and they mentioned that the font was a little small. I made those changes and just sent the cards off to be printed this morning.
But, boy, am I glad that I had a second chance at it, because now that I look at the original card and the one I made additions to... all I can think is "Umm... wow."
So here is the comparison, and you can see the difference for yourself.

Before and after, respectively

I'm sure that if I spent even more time on it/actually had some formal instruction in graphic design... I would change a lot more. But I'm happy to see the improvement in these two cards anyway.



  1. Definitely love the second one more!! You did so good on them. ;) Heehee.... And I remember this conversation..... Lolololol.

    1. Lol... yeah you remember what was going through my head when I got that voice mail! Haha!

  2. Sorry, Marleah! Totally did not mean to make you so uncomfortable! I knew you could do exactly what we wanted, because you had posted some examples of graphic design of your own on FB, and I was impressed. We love the cards and are VERY grateful to you for helping us out.

    1. Oh no, I wasn't uncomfortable... I just had REALLY WILD ideas running through my head of what you might be wanting me to do. Lol! :)
      Glad I could help!