08 March 2014

Morning Routine

So many times I have needed to be able to take a picture "hands-free" because I wanted to be holding something within the frame of the picture. To help with that just recently got a timer remote which allows you to set the exposure length, delay time, number of pictures to take, etc. And then you just start it when you are ready.

I've really been wanting to take some star trails or time-lapses with it, but for now I just decided to do a little macro of me putting my contacts in. :P Ha! 
It still proved to be a great challenge, but at least it is better than the time I was trying to take pictures of myself peeling an orange (that one was a pain!)

Nope, I'm not crying. Just blinking away the extra solution ;)

Eh, I think star trails are a little more interesting and easier to take. So I'll probably just stick with that next time :)



  1. Yeah…I've been trying to take pictures "hands free"…and it's kinda hard :P So, I've been thinking about getting a remote, too. How do you like it?

    1. No kidding! :P I've already had a wireless remote and it still doesn't do the trick because you still have to hold on to the button.
      With the wired in remote that I got it lets you slide the button up into a lock mode so you can start the shutter or the timer and you don't have to be holding on to it after that. It was a little difficult to figure out how to use it at first, but I it was worth the time trying to figure it out. I got a generic brand called "Shoot" for $15 on amazon. You can spend up to $150, but I figured since I was just wanting to try it out I would go with the cheaper option. And it has worked so well that I don't see why I would need to ever pay more.