04 March 2014

RoadSide Panorama

RoadSide Panorama, a photo by MarLeah Joy on Flickr. Click on the image to view in high resolution!
I've had quite the day hiking around and videoing for 3 hours, and surprisingly I'm more sore than I ever get after playing a game of ultimate. First, I left early for college to go on a trail to get some videos (that I will likely never do anything with...) I had fun though, and I felt a tab bit like DevinSuperTramp running around with my camera (yeah... no!)

After an hour of that, I went to my PhotoComm class, took a quick test and was done with College by two, woot! I still wanted to go back to the trails and take some more videos, but I was STARVING. The first place I wanted to eat was closed, so I went to an Asian restaurant (that will remain un-named for a reason). I was the only person eating at the restaurant because it was some time after two. Midway through my meal the waiters sat down to eat as well. Two minutes later I started to hear a cat meowing... and it was in the back part of the building -- you know, like the kitchen. The waiters said something about it being their pop machine making noises. Ha! Likely! No, it sure sounded like a cat. I'm not so sure they actually served me chicken now...? Oh, well. Poor kitties.

Then I went to pick up Bretton and Kendra who wanted to go with me back to the trails.
We spent nearly two hours out there. I had a blast... and we got blasted in the face. Check out the video here: Snow-Mo

I went back to the college for a photo club meeting. When I stepped out of the college and saw the spectacular sunset, I hoped for everything that it would last long enough for me to find a good spot to pull over and take pictures. I actually ended up pulling over twice along the way home, and I got some panoramas that I've been wanting to take.

Long day! But a perfect day!


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