10 February 2014

Betsy the Cow

Betsy the Cow, a photo by MarLeah Joy on Flickr. Click on the image to view in high resolution!
I've been writing down a lot of time-specific goals for my life and for photography lately. I have to admit that I can get quite caught up in thinking about long-term investing and saving for a new lenses and saving up for travels, etc. But in all of these goals I've had to leave out the specific DATE of accomplishment and just use a time frame that begins the day I get a job.
After having a lot of these plans and goals swimming around in my mind the last few days, this morning I thought: "Yes, a job would really solve all my problems."
I mean, seriously! What if I never get a job outside of photography? I think I have been avoiding my fears about how I might struggle financially if I was only a photographer at the beginning. In my mind I keep finding comfort in the fact that "if I don't do so hot in photography at least I can rely on another job". And honestly, I think that is really hindering me right now to really grow in photography and get out of my shell. Because when I think about marketing I like to think that it is something off in the future that I don't have to worry about right now.
Also untrue!
I'm being too soft on myself and doubting my ability.
I can't say that my desire to get another job has left now that I've realized this, but I think it will/should help me to not procrastinate about getting more clients.

I've never really shared too many of my thoughts about my future in photography because that sounds "scary" to be vulnerable to other people and how they might judge me if it doesn't work out.
Well now I'm telling those thoughts to "GO AWAY!" Haha. I don't want to let my fears get in my way.



  1. YAY!!!!! I didn't want to push you into it, but as much as a "stable" job would be great, I can't wait until you start doing more sessions! You have a talent that goes beyond

  2. What "you're a good photographer" can say. Go for it!! Take the successes and failures all as learning steps to a better tomorrow. Pray for God to help you. :-))

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    1. Well, thanks because it's a rough start. I know it is for everyone, though.