19 February 2014

The Essentials: take me somewhere

The Essentials: take me somewhere, a photo by MarLeah Joy on Flickr. Click on the image to view in high resolution!
There is not a spot on this earth that is not photo-worthy. I found that out last night... after the session with the family. My cousin and I stayed later to take pictures at the falls. At first it was kind of like, "Okay MarLeah, please avoid those dead looking trees!" It's obvious that we don't like trees in the winter because they really have very little depth and interest. But as I said, last night I found out that they can still be included in an image and add to the composition as long as the main interest is somewhere else. So, see! You don't have to wait until spring and summer. Go! Take pictures right now! Because everything is photo-worthy somehow.


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