18 February 2014

Covered Cabin

Covered Cabin, a photo by MarLeah Joy on Flickr. Click on the image to view in high resolution!
While Wisconsin is getting even more snow... we have 70 degree weather?? That's right! And I won't trade it for anything. It was cool to be up there with so much snow and to ski and everything, but I'm glad to live in Missouri where we get the yo-yo weather to help me survive winter.
This evening I'm going to Grand Falls to take family portraits with a nautical theme. I'm so excited o.o
My cousin is coming along as assistant photographer. :) You can check out his blog here: http://brettcolephotography.blogspot.com/
Did I mention that this weather is just perfect!?



  1. Nice picture! I love the trees with snow. Also, that was a great time tonight! Thanks for having me along! Thanks for the shoutout, too. :) I'm looking forward to getting even better with photography, and traveling places that I can get new pictures. :)

    1. You know what!? That sounds like a game plan! ...getting better with photography and traveling new places. I'm in! Where do you want to go next? ;)

    2. Does that mean I'm hired?!?! ;) Lol, I'm not sure, but I definitely want to go on some more shoots (landscapes or portraits) with you! It's so fun to have someone to talk to, show your pictures to, and get ideas! :) I don't know many good places, but we'll think of something. :)

    3. ;) Yep! Your services are valuable; I hate to think what the pictures would have looked like without your assistance. :/
      Yes please! I'm ready to go places with someone who will let me take my time getting pictures (unlike the rest of my family -- who can blame them, though?)