14 February 2014

LOVE {is in the air}

LOVE {is in the air}, a photo by MarLeah Joy on Flickr. Click on the image to view in high resolution!
So apparently I've been going "all out" for Valentine's Day this year. ;) At least compared to my norm. I hardly ever craft or make anything heart-sy because I think it's a little cliché.
Anyway, the first post of today was from the Candy House in Reddings Mill. I went in to get some fudge and chocolates for my dad, so I took a quick peek of their Valentine's stuff.
The last post with the pinecone was an idea that originated from Brad Lackey, and I decided that I would use it for my photography assignment on "lighting" for this week. But I ended up using something else for that assignment.

I took/created this picture this morning when I saw that the theme for #FlickrFriday was "Love is in the air".
I took several pictures of smoke coming out of the cup and combined different ones in photoshop to make the smoke into a heart shape...

Have a lovely weekend!!


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