16 February 2014

Library: A World with a Million Worlds

Library: A World with a Million Worlds, a photo by MarLeah Joy on Flickr. Click on the image to view in high resolution!
Within the last two weeks I started thinking, "something is missing in my life!" I feel like I just rush from here to there and from one thing to another without any real relaxation time.
Pretty soon it came to me that it was those late nights lost in a good read I was missing. Those times when you lay down to go to sleep at a reasonable time and then you remember where your book left you hanging on the edge of a cliff when you finished the last chapter, (which literally was the case with Frankenstein) :) so you pick up your book and read until you fall asleep with the book in your hands.
I actually just got done with one book that was more of a juvenile, and now I'm itching to find another good read. Something mysterious, crazy and weird. Like Frankenstein, The Picture of Dorian Gray, and Fahrenheit 451. The type of books with hidden deeper meanings that my english teacher made me read, and I now love. (Except, now I am going to have to watch what I allow in my mind, because obviously all of those books don't always portray good morality.) :P
So I've been combing all over goodreads.com trying to find my next book.
And let me tell you, I can't wait to really get into the plot of another wild book. I feel as excited as a "school girl" (or as my friend would say it, a "sckrool gurl") ;)
But if I think about it... I have deprived my self from reading for 9 months now (unintentionally), so why wouldn't I be excited?

Okay, let me stop blabbing long enough to click "post". Whew! ;D


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