21 February 2014

Kami + Kallee

These two little girls have a special place in my heart... in fact, three of them do, but the third one was sick :/ They are the youngest three of my friend's sisters (in a family of 9). :)
Every time I go visit my friend, I actually feel like I have 8 other little best friends, though... and I LOVE it :D

Katelyn and I took two of the little girls out to Red Oaks II -- a place that I didn't know existed and I was kind of stunned by it existence. I asked my mom why we never went there and her reply was, "Oh, we used to go there all the time." Okay, well apparently that was when I was TWO because I have NO remembrance of it whatsoever! :P Basically it looks like an antique model village, except it's life-size! :)
So we had fun taking pictures there... except for the occasional scares from the roaming farm animals, which practically sent the girls into hysterics... not quite. ;)

This milk picture was actually the whole reason this photo shoot even happened. I needed a picture for an assignment about "what I am drinking". Well, about the only thing I drink besides water is milk. And somedays I probably drink more milk than water. It actually kind of ruins my day when I go to the fridge and there is no milk. Haha. 
I had this mental image of what kind of shot I should get, but my idea kinda flopped. :/ Good thing there was a dairy truck there. ;)

But otherwise, we just explored all the photo options with the colorful buildings.


This little girl would pose anywhere. "Look! It's grass! Let's pose by the grass!" Haha :)

Ah! They are going to be friends forever!

Between these little girls and Blaize from a recent session, I feel just a little overwhelmed with so many adorable children. I just love it when they are 3-4 years old and their personality shines through.



  1. See? Told ya 3 and 4 are my favorite ages! Probably a little more 3 year olds... :) And I LOVE Kami and Kallee!! These photos are just adorable, too! I love the bright vibrant colors and then some of the black and whites! I'm always up for some black and white photos! :)

    1. Yep, you would be the person to know all about the 3-4 year olds. :)