08 April 2014

Additions to the Camera Bag

I have no clue why it's so hard for me to blog right now. I'll just keep blaming it on this stuffy cold I have. And... when that goes away and my blog enthusiasm still hasn't returned to normal then I guess I'll try eating some chocolate malt-o-meal to get me inspired! What? No. I'm sorry. My thoughts are just wandering to the box of malt-o-meal I just ran to town to get. I've been craving it this whole time I've been under the weather and I finally got some 10 minutes before the store closed tonight. :) Happiness!!! :)
So I promised I would share some of my new equipment.

So I got little Mr. Kermit for 1.99 to hopefully help little children look at my camera... hopefully. 
I have a session next week with a little two year old girl and her mommy. She looks so sweet, that I'm sure I really won't have much problem with getting her attention, but just in case!

Then, I have my 430ex II speedlite :D Just in time for Nathan and Cara's wedding in less than three weeks! I got to meet and talk to Cara yesterday about the schedule of the wedding, what to expect, etc. And after talking to her, now I am just excitedly/anxiously awaiting their wedding :)
(Oh, and in that picture I'm being the queen of multitasking and talking to my parents on the phone. And I guess that picture is more of me and not the flash :P Okay, well, I guess it is showing the effect of the flash)

This Thursday, I am also meeting with another bride to go check out the chapel and location of her wedding that is in August. So I've got a lot of wedding-planning fun!

This weekend is the Perspectives of Photography (POP) workshop in Pittsburg, KS. They have a lot of events to choose from that you can attend over the two days.
Friday, I'll attend one about posing and one about videography.
On Saturday, I'm signed up for wedding photography (Yay!!), newborns with Deb Anderson (A local photographer), and one called "RAW to WOW: Lightroom Bootcamp".

Yep, yep! It should be fun!



  1. Kermit! That's so cute! :) Was it meant to be for a camera? And I can't wait for N&C's wedding either! I'm sure you will be very busy getting lots of pictures! Have fun at your workshop! The newborn one and wedding one would be fun!

    1. It's a PEZ candy dispenser actually :) and it just fits on the hot shoe where the flash goes.

    2. I was thinking it looked like a Pez thing!