30 April 2014

Mushroom Farming

Often times on my way home from school I want to pull off the road and take pictures about 5 times. I normally pass up the first 4 opportunities, and then finally the desire builds up so much that I stop by the time the 5th opportunity comes around. You know... something like that. :P Anyway, today I finally pulled over when I saw this old truck that was parked in amongst the trees. From where I was parked I had to walk like 40 yards to get to it. By the time I was about 10 yards away from the truck I saw a man walking to the truck. A scruffy man. I'm not trying to pass judgement, but those are just the type of people you hear crazy stories about. And he called to me and said that he was "looking for mushrooms." I was like "Oh, alright..... great!" And I was thinking to myself, "Ummm... Awesome! You just stay on that side of the road and I'll stay over here and we'll be fine." It would have made me look pretty weird to turn around and walk back to my car right then, so I just asked him if I could take a picture of his truck. It wasn't really the shot I was looking for because the man was still there standing close to the truck. But I didn't care about that then. He told me it was a '78 Ford or something and I was like, "Yeah? Okay, great! Have a nice day!" And I walked back to my car.
Hmmm... that was a little different experience. I really wasn't expecting that at all, but at least I didn't really feel threatened by anything he did. So, I'll just file this one away in my growing list of photography adventures. Ha!


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