16 April 2014

Delicate: Bokeh Wednesday

When I was at the POP conference/workshop, they had door prizes that they drew several times throughout both days (they had some pretty good stuff, btw). Naturally, you are sitting on the edge of your seat the whole time thinking, "When are they going to call my name? :)" And when it doesn't happen the first time you start thinking, "Okay, next time, maybe. :) Maybe? :/" When my name wasn't drawn anytime the first day I finally got a hold of myself and was like, "MarLeah, you might not get a door prize because maybe your name is waiting to be drawn for the "special prizes" at the very end of the conference." So I encouraged myself in that and just tried to ignore it as all of the prizes that I wanted slowly disappeared off of the table. And honestly, since I know that God has his hands in all things, even the littlest details of our everyday life, it was more of an assurance that I had that God would do something special for me. It might sound a little silly, but it's true.

On the morning of the second day at the conference, a few students from Crowder and I were eating breakfast and talking about the classes we planned to take that day. I was showing one girl pictures of the wedding workshop since she was planning on taking it that day. I showed her one and I was like, "But yeah, I couldn't crop any tighter because I don't have anything above a 55mm (except for my Lensbaby)" She responded in some way that I will have to improvise because I really don't remember what she said exactly since my head was exploding in awe. But I think she said something like, "I can give you one of mine!" (We had already talked about what lenses she had and she said that she got some extras when she upgraded her camera body) Anyway, I responded with something like: "No way, really? Nah, I'll pay you for it!" After arguing about it a little bit I left it as I would pay her for it. Before we headed home that night though, she told me to remind her to bring the lens on Tuesday to our photo club and she assured me that she was just giving it to me. Talk about making me feel uncomfortable. I really don't know how to accept such a huge gift like that. (Also, I honestly thought it was the 70-300mm which has image stabilizer, but it was really the 75-300mm -- a little bit cheaper lens). Still, I felt like I owed her so I got her a Starbucks gift card, some chocolates and a little note to try to close the huge gap of my debt to her ;) I hope she likes it :)

But back to what I way saying earlier about winning a prize... I didn't even make the connection that this lens WAS my "prize". It was kind of the replacement for not winning any of the door prizes, and it is sooo much better than even those "special prizes" I could have won at the end. And I can't help but thank God for it :)

Anywho! Last night I became the owner of a Canon EF 75-300mm f/4-5.6 III Telephoto zoom lens. :)
So I brought it out at the children's bible night we had last night because all the children were playing with dandelions and the sun light was just gorgeous.



  1. Nice! Still, I'm sure it's nice to have another lens in your collection, I'm glad everything worked out! :)

    1. It definitely is!! :) Even though it will call for an upgrade, it still helps to have that range!