02 April 2014

Coleman Theater {video}

I'm a photographer, but so many places I go I always take videos. And sometimes I will go somewhere with the intention of only taking videos. Don't ask me why... I just do. Not sure why at all.

Last November, when my grandpa was out from Alaska, we went and toured the historic Coleman theater in Miami, OK, and I took a lot of videos inside. So many times I will take pictures or videos and eventually they just get moved to my external hard drive without me doing much with them -- as long as they aren't terribly important of course. Soo... I was looking through my hard drive to get pictures together of me and my friends that I want to put in my room and of course I ran across the folder: "Coleman Theater" that had all the videos waiting to be put together :P So, here's the video: 


And I have two other videos that I've already made from trail riding and stuff... so I guess I might decided to post them eventually, ha! :P


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