04 April 2014

I'm Not Feeling It

It's Spring and everything has new life and energy.
People get inspired to do new things, go places, and enjoy the outdoors.
But I feel drained and sleepy and weak and sore. :/ 
It's just a little cold that I need to get over... but that's why I didn't want to blog yesterday, and honestly today either. Maybe it was the decision of which picture to post that was "overwhelming" my little sick mind. Haha! Because when I thought about just posting a whole bunch of pictures today, I was like, "Okay! :) I'll blog then!" Wow -- I don't even know where my reasoning comes from sometimes!!

So I have uploaded 7 photos that you can scroll through.

They are all from Neosho on Monday or Tuesday, I believe. Just in some time I had before class.
Well, and then the last one is just a silly one of our lazy cat... I found him like that on my mom's desk when I came home one evening... just giving her some company while she worked on taxes.



  1. Love that first one! So gorgeous! Yay for spring time! Hoping you feel energized and SPRINGY soon! :)

    1. Thank you! Yeah, I'm sure I'll be feeling it again soon :)

  2. aw! I like all of them, but kitty is just so lazy and cute!