12 April 2014

At the Piano {Video}

I don't know HOW LONG this project has been on my list of things to do!! I think I even added it to several lists. At first it probably started out on a nice little list back in December that said "Things to do over the break". That didn't happen. So it probably got moved to a list in January that said "This Week". Nope. February's list of "To Do This Month"?... It didn't happen then either.

I had this vision of recording myself playing "River Flows in You" and videoing different angles of me playing it... But it just wasn't happening. I think I did actually start/try to record the song probably 20 times though, but it just wasn't coming out right. I got so nervous at the thought of it actually being recorded, though so I had to keep "trying later".
I finally got it done last weekend! Whew! I guess it took me being sick-ish with a cold to get it done so that I could stay at home alone while my family was gone for the weekend. It's always so much easier to record stuff when no one is traipsing through the house and banging doors, too. (You know... I'm pretty sure my parents still don't know I made this video. Hmmm, I should show them now)

So I recorded me playing it with garageband. Then I played along with the sound from that file as I shot the different angles of the video with a tripod (and other silly methods that I come up with when a tripod won't work) :P

I could say that combining the audio and videos in iMovie was quite simple, and I guess it was... but I still spent several hours on it, just to make my playing match up with the sound.
But it was fun! And that's the only reason I do it.

River Flows in You by Yiruma - Piano Cover



  1. It was awesome, MarLeah!! You did so good on the video coordinating with the video... I can see how you spent hours on it!