01 April 2014

Peer Portraits

From a little portrait-taking we did in class today.



  1. Love the lighting! [insert comment here that I'm not going to say publicly] LOL :)

    1. Yeah, we were supposed to take them outside, but I'm happy we were rained out because I do like the window light. Also, Crowder doesn't have a very pretty campus :P at all!
      :) lol

    2. lol Heather! And I agree, MarLeah. It could get pretty boring pretty fast trying to get picture out there. (That's why I went the the bicentennial in between classes) Oh, and I recognized the mural and almost didn't notice the model. lol I would have never thought of that spot for a portrait, but I like the result!

    3. Yep, the bicentennial is one of my favorite places to go, too!!
      Uh oh! The subject is supposed to stand out a little more ;)