30 April 2014

Rehearsal Day!

Remember the post about Jacqueline? I posted the photos 10 days ago and Jacqueline sent me a message today: "Oh my goodness! I just got on and looked at the pictures you took of me, and I love them! They're the first pics taken that I actually like. Usually I hate about everything, but I really like yours. Can I order some prints from you?"
Then she proceeded to say that she was graduating in December and would like for me to take her Senior photos. :) That just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside ;) because I was kind of hoping/wishfully thinking that she would like them and some magical thought would drop into her head about Senior photos. :) And it did :)

Anyway, that's just a little side thought to today's post. What I really want to share is some less formal and more personal photos from my fun weekend. :) So here we go, back to the normal storyboard style of blogging that I used to do -- for today at least. (I'm really a big one for having the post formatted same on my blog, so it kind of makes me uncomfortable when I start "breaking my own rules" about the way I blog. :P But I figure you guys could care less about whether I'm just posting via flickr or if I'm blogging "normally" or whatever... :P So I'll just try to ignore that little voice in my head that's screaming "nooo!" right now)

On Friday morning, Ranelle and I headed out with Nathan (the groom!) :) to go down to the church Jenks, OK where the rehearsal would be later that night. Everything was going great until Nathan suddenly pulled over and was like "Ahh! No....!" He had a flat. :/ Pooh! So we all piled out, and of course I grabbed my camera while Ranelle was a little more helpful and started to take the lug nuts off the flat tire :P

We made it back on the road within 20 minutes, and only had to stop once more before we reached our destination (but that was only so that Nathan could pick some flowers for Cara ;) How sweet!)

Once we got to the church I did a little location shooting and tried familiarized myself with the 6D.

Then I got the obligatory shot of the chapel while there were no cars parked out front... But the picture really annoys me because it's not shot straight on. Why didn't I center myself in front of the church!?

Heather and I always take a picture together about every time we see each other now. I'm not sure how many we have together over this last year... but I love each and every one of them because it just makes me smile when I see us together. :) Anyway, we had someone take a couple of shots of us :)

At the rehearsal, one of the bridesmaids passed out whoopee cushions :P
And then there is the almost bride and groom :)



  1. At least we got some photos before I got sick! LOL

    1. I know -- that's what I was thinking! I felt so bad for you!