14 April 2014

Morning Field

On my way to the photo seminars/workshops, I could have stopped probably 5 times and pulled over to get shots - the drive was just that full of spring beauty! On Saturday, I actually didn't plan to leave early so that I could get shots of the fields though, because honestly, that's the last thing on your mind when you are waking up at 5:40am. But! there's this thing called "making time" when you are driving ;) And as I drive ever so slightly (not!) over the speed the GPS is expecting me to drive it will start to shave minutes off of my arrival time. I had only made 6 minutes of time... so I really only had time to pull over once and still not be late. It worked out pretty good though, because when I got back in the car after getting the shots I wanted, my arrival time was back to what it was predicted at when I left the house. :)

Well, I might be able to tell you more about how the workshops went throughout this week. But for today, I have quite a few things on my plate... so I better get that jet-pack lit under me and get to working!!