25 April 2014

Davis Sr. 2013

This is Davis, my cousin, who lives on a farm in Kansas. :)

I think the reality of the wedding is hitting me tonight. :0 And I really need to go to bed, but I really want to blog these crazy packed moments in my photography because I think it will be cool to look back on. I know from my own personal journaling, too, that if I don't write it down soon... the crazy details that really make the event/day interesting kind of gets forgotten within a few days. So I'll spend a few moments writing my thoughts out tonight even though I'm about to crash! :P

I spent all day with my family in Kansas since my sister is back in the area visiting and wanted to see everybody. So after a full day of... um, well... visiting, (yeah somehow visiting and taking it easy can wear me out) I took my cousin's senior photos. It was actually really a fun experience because we were out on some property that had an old run down house and several barns and stuff. I have no idea who owned it, but I guess in Kansas it really doesn't matter too much.
After the session we went back and visited more with family and we sang in a silo. I have audio to prove how beautiful it was :)
We got home at 11pm which meant that I had an hour to complete all of my homework. Ha! But how could I do homework when my lens and camera rental and all of my flash equipment came in while I was out visiting all day?? Nah! So I played around with the 6D, 70-200 f/2.8, and 16-35 f/2.8. And just so you know.. the 70-200mm kind of scared me with how big it is. I'm not really sure what to think. Except that I will be really sore after the wedding. :P But I love the lenses already, especially the 16-35mm for inside when you are crunched on space!
I finally got around to doing my homework. I really don't know what to think about my attitude towards two of my college classes right now. I've always been a person that thrived and lived off of 100% grades, but I'm learning that other things are more important (one of those things being my stress level). It's honestly still quite the inner struggle for me to try to just lay it aside and not care about my grade in these classes if I have time in the week to properly complete the homework. Because no one likes to feel guilty. But, when it gets down to being 30 minutes away from being due, I just start guessing on quizzes and jotting stuff down on a discussion board post.

But like I said the reality of the wedding is really hitting me right now. I'm feeling a little unprepared mentally because this week has been so full of being with my family and the two other sessions. And then the whole thing about having leave the house by 10am tomorrow with all my clothes and photography gear that I haven't packed yet (and don't I dare forget one thing!) :P
But then a lot of little things are just kind of on the back of my mind:
- learning the new gear
- not forgetting batteries! somehow I keep thinking about batteries!
- my mac storage is getting full. so the way I normally organize my photos is getting a little disrupted because I don't have time to put the old stuff to the external. the new stuff I've been shooting is going to the external, and it's just throwing my balance off. ;)
- I normally like to edit sessions asap... but these last two are going to have to simmer on the back burner until the wedding is over

So yeah! This is probably the point where I just stop blogging and go make a thorough list of things to pack!


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