17 April 2014

Obligatory Shot

Sometimes, as a photographer, there are just those shots that you have to get for yourself, even though every other accomplished photographer in the world has already taken that type of photo. It's not original. It might be boring to the viewer, but I feel like getting those shots expands my horizons, and if nothing else, helps me get more familiar with my camera. 
One of those is lightning. 
I have wanted so bad to get a photo of lightning. After church on Sunday, I went out and set up my camera on a fence post (since I didn't have my tripod) and used my intervalometer (remote timer) and just kept exposing and waiting for lightning. At one point there was this HUGE spread of lightning across the sky. But would you guess! I was cleaning my lens off at that time :/ How sad. I did get this shot though, but it's not enough... I have to get a better shot someday. 


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