18 April 2014


I love being outside. I wish there was a way to just do everything outside. But I find myself stuck up in my room on most days, doing homework and editing photos. It's a little hard to see the screen of a laptop when you are outside. And I hate not being able to see properly. (I practically always have my screen brightness all the way up - even at night!)
But I stepped outside a little bit yesterday while I was on the phone with Alyssa and I decided right then that I was going to walk downtown. It was a gorgeous walk! Lovely soft breeze. Neutral temperature. Birds chirping. People outside planting flowers. All of this and I had my camera on my shoulder :) ...with the 75-300mm :) I actually didn't really take many pictures until I got home, though because my main mission was to go to the store to get something. But once I got home, I found this little squirrely that was running around, hopping from tree to tree -- likely to get away from me. :P
So I chased him across the road, into our neighbors yard :P And he didn't notice me for a while, but in the second shot, you can see that he had heard me then. And then he ran off :)