07 April 2014

Personality Portrait

This week's assignment in photography was to take a portrait of someone doing something or of someone in their niche... or something that kind of portrays personality I guess??! 
It came down to today, and I still wasn't sure who to photograph, until I remembered my lunch plans with Mecia. Whew! And it's a good thing she is actually quite the foodie, too! She loves to try out different restaurants and just eat somewhere nice with friends.

So I asked her if she would comply, and she certainly willing. So I brought my good old 7D and 50mm into Chipotle. :) Thankfully, nobody looked at us too weird for changing tables two times so that we could get the "right shot" :P LOL Either they didn't care, or we didn't care enough to pay attention to them...  because nothing really matters when you have a good friend with you. :)

I've also been meaning to share a blog post about some of my new photography equipment (one is a nice fancy thing :) and the other is a really goofy/cute thing that I only paid 1.99 for ;P). And then I have a little wedding photography news to share... so hang tight.

Until then...



  1. your posts are cracking me up today. And IMO, that is a very good personality portrait. :)

    1. Haha, what did I say??? Lol :) Well, thank you!!