21 April 2014


I'm so glad I decided to go to the Perspectives of Photography. I wasn't even going to go... but the week before the workshop I just decided to sign up! Decisions, decisions :P
It was only $50 for student for both days (including meals, prizes, and 5 workshops). And I was considering going to a wedding workshop in Illinois for $625?!? Okay, I wasn't considering it too much because there would just be no way! But it gives you an idea of what workshops cost (at their lowest).

Here's a quick, quick rundown of each session I attended:
The videography workshop explained sooo many things that I have always wondered about . The photoshop one solidified a lot of things that I knew how to do, but couldn't really remember how to do. The newborn workshop basically told me that I'm not extremely interested in newborns :P though I would probably still love to do it sometime, maybe just not as something I do all the time. The posing workshop was great... But the wedding workshop, though! :) I learned so many tips that are going to be so useful at the wedding this weekend! This weekend! Wow! :D



  1. O my!!! that shot is STUNNING!!! should be made into a huge canvas for sure!!

    1. Yeah, too bad she's not actually getting married. She only has a wedding dress because she was engaged, but it feel through :P