28 April 2014

N+C Wedding Overview

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Okay, obviously I could share a lot more pictures right now. But I just had to choose. And I need to just share a few this week and then finish the session of Sacha and her daughter and Davis' senior photos...
And then it will be back to the wedding editing happiness!

But really, the reason I'm blogging is just because I want to just talk, hehe! :P I can't make a blog post of the wedding, though, without sharing photos. Soooo... these are the photos that I put on Facebook.
Enjoy while I blab about the wedding. ;)

I sent my rented gear back off to Lumoid today. I was a little sad to part with the Canon 6D. I love it's quieter shutter, and it seems to have a lot better auto picture style and coloring than my 7D does. (I left white balance on auto, btw -- that would have been a pain to change all the time, so I would rather adjust in Lightroom) Of course, it is a full frame camera (yay!), and it has better ISO capabilities. With the lenses, I found out that the 16-35mm was really great to have, but I wasn't aware that the edges got out of focus or I would have taken all of my pictures with a different crop. So basically, I'm going to have to go in and sharpen the people on the edge on most of the bridal party photos I took with that lens. Not cool. So that lens quickly became less of a favorite after I looked at the images on my mac. The 70-200mm is sooooo amazing, though. I thought I might hate it because it weighs so much. But really, it wasn't a pain at all and my hand wasn't nearly as sore as it was in the last wedding. Granted, my back was sore from carrying around the weight of two cameras, but I actually weathered it a lot better than I thought I would. :)
Speaking of "weathering" things... the wind was blowing like crazy that day. And of course with it being in Oklahoma, the wind never gave up. So some of the photos might look a little "wind-blown". :P But I actually like what it did for most of the photos, because it gave direction to Cara's veil without us even having to try. :) One thing I was worried about was my skirt blowing up, but somehow it never really did until after the wedding was already over, and then it really let itself go o.O But at least I didn't have to worry about that while taking pictures!! Haha!

Annddd... I know I could say a lot more, but my brain is actually shutting down now. So it's time for bed :P I'll be sharing more later anyway, so I can gab a lot more then :)